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Since dofus kamas is so hot in the online game Dofus, there must be many friends play this game. However, some players often find it difficult to make buy dofus kamas and level up quickly, because they seldom have time to complete task and making items. So, how about purchasing them from our website? No matter how much cheap dofus kamas or game items you want to purchase, we always have sufficient stock.
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Be a professional dofus kamas Store , our online shop for dofus kamas is 24 / 7 Non-stop. How to buy?.
1.Make an order,Pay with paysafecard,paypal or moneybooks
2.Wait in Aastrub-Bank(3,-17) or Aastrub-SellRoom(3,-20),We will delivery in 5-30 Mins
3.Any problems or confusion,please click at our "Live chat".

1.Assurez une commande, Payer par paysafecard, paypal ou moneybooks
2.Nous conseillons d'attendre au Aastrub-Bank (3, -17) ou Aastrub-SellRoom (3 -20),Nous la livraison dans les 50 à 30 Minutes
3.Tout problème ou de la confusion, s'il vous pla?t cliquer sur notre "live chat".

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  • 1. Make sure the information you fill is correct.
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  • 3. Pay attention to your email box as we may send email to inform you the order status.
  • 4. During server maintenance, delivery time may be postponed.
  • 5. We recommend strongly that you shouldn't give your gold to anyone else once you receive it.
  • 6 possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold

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